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Products: Security for flanges and valves

Safety at work requires increasingly strict preventive measures. Our Chem-Shield protector protects people and equipment from dangerous liquid splashes due to rupture or leakage of flanged joints.
Chem-Shield protectors are applied to protect instrumentation components from attacks due to external elements. Chem-Shield protectors are flexible, easy to assemble and are designed and manufactured by adapting them to the shape of the flange couplings or of other elements, forming an impermeable protection barrier; the latter does not block the losses, but it fulfills its purpose of temporarily containing the splashes of the leak, allowing further corrective actions. The use of Chem-Shield protectors ensures the people’s safety and wellbeing. They contribute to a significant reduction of industrial and social costs related to absenteeism, accidents and subsequent medical treatment.

Chem-Shield protectors are made with special materials, resistant to chemicals, depending on the fluid transported by the pipelines and on the operating conditions. They have got different types of closures, as required, in order to ease their implementation. A loss indicator and a drain tube can be supplied with the protector.

Materials used (indicative and not limiting)

  • PTFE-coated fabric *
  • Silicone or Viton Coated Fabric *
  • Stainless Steel
  • PVC, PPL
  • Fiberglass, polyester, Nomex, Kevlar, carbon fiber